New Subscription Services - New Sub Services-Will not be much help!

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Update by user Nov 22, 2011

The customer service rep did call me back w/in 5 days and let me know I will be receiving a full refund.I was so relieved...

UNTIL I checked my bank account and saw that the amount they refunded me wasn\'t even half the amount they owed me >=[. It\'s ridiculous that this company has an A on the BBB\'s site. It says they always \"resolve\" the situation.

HA!What a loose definition they have for resolve.

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I ordered a 1-yr magazine subscription for three people & myself last yr. I checked my bank account on Friday and saw these weird charges. I finally figure out they are renewal payments for three of the four magazines that I only had 1-YR SUBSCRIPTIONS ON!

Isn't that illegal for them to charge you for something you didn't agree to??? I will do everything I can to get my money back, especially since I have not even received any of the new mags yet.

I contacted Hearst Corp.( thru Popular Mechanics number 1-800-888-2665) and they were super helpful and canceled anything from being sent out. They let me know it is the agency I signed up through ( New Sub Services, 877-210-0582)that made the charges. They gave me the name and phone number to the agency.

When I called, it was not even an option to speak to a rep but I know sometimes if u press 0 (zero) you should be direct to a rep,, if they have any. They did.

1st time calling, basically they stopped one mag from being charged in the near future, I kept one, & got two canceled w/ a full refund; or so I thought >=[. The said the best they could do is refund the two and send me one last mag for a $1 each. I was tired of the run-around so I finally just said ok.

I check out my bank account and see I was only refunded for about 65% of what I was charged!! When I called the second time they said it was a pro-rated refund for what I've already received.. WHAT?? I said I was told I would be receiving a full refund and I haven't received any magazines in order to be pro-rately charged..

He checked and basically said the same thing over and that all he could do was send in a complaint to customer service and ask for a full refund. They will (hopefully) be followed up within 5 business days. I might order magazines again, but I learned my lesson,, straight from the distributor and NEVER!! from one of those "great" offers that say get 4 for the price of 1! or whatever other offer they have online or in catalogs. I have never had a problem with my magazine orders when I did them straight from the distributor. (offers in the actual magazines)

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New Subscription Services - New Subscription Service of Stamford CT Fraud

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I purchased a one-year subscription to Scientific American online for $39.00 on NOvember 26, 2007.Through fraud and chicanery New Subscription Service of Stamford, CT, has been billing me annually since then.

Since it was a gift I was unaware that they had been annually renewing the subscription without my consent. Twice they charged me an additional $39.00: on November 27, 2008 and again on November 27, 2009.

I also take issue with Scientific American since they profit from the actions of a corrupt company that they do business with and must surely be aware of this corrupt practice.Not only are we learning that much of the science that is published is fraudulent, but the practice of selling that science is fraudulent as well.

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